Advantages of stretch film over other packaging methods.

Stretch film is the best material for palletisation. In this article, we discuss the most important features of this product.

All about Pre-Stretch film. Get to know our top product.

Pre-stretch film is for conscious users who value quality and save money. Why is it worth it? You will find out in our reading.

Machine film for arm and disc wrappers.

Machine wrappers streamline the palletising process and offer many advantages. Read why you should wrap your pallets using machine stretch film.

Stretch films in e-commerce

Securing parcels for shipping is crucial for the e-commerce sector. We suggest why you should use stretch film for this.

Frozen™ film in practice

Frozen™ stretch film can withstand extreme temperatures very well. In this article we have described what characterises this enhancement.

Innovative quality class of stretch film – meet Standard+

Why choose the Standard+ class? Read on!

Which stretch film should you choose?

Are you wondering what stretch film is dedicated to your business? Please check.

Machine stretch films in practice

Machine films are the most commonly used pallet protection in industry. We invite you to read briefly about this product.

Stretch film – various applications

In today's article, we take a look at the various uses of stretch film - read on.

Coloured stretch films

In today's article, we take a look at coloured stretch films. We invite you to read on.


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