Prestretch film – a modern, economic and ecological solution for load packing

Securing palletization is one of the key processes in logistics and warehousing, and the right choice of packaging materials can significantly affect the efficiency of this process. One of the innovative solutions that is gaining more and more popularity on the market is pre-stretch film.

What is prestretch film?

Prestretch film is a special type of hand stretch film that is subjected to a pre-stretching process at the production stage. Thanks to this, the final product has less tension and is more stable, which in the case of hand films makes it easier to use. The final parameters of the film and the ease of wrapping (including the much-desired “stop effect”) ensure proper protection and excellent stabilization of the load. As a result, prestretch film is increasingly used in various industries.

Prestretch of our production, as the first on the market, is produced directly on a dedicated technological line.  A special recipe based on polymer resins and an automated production process allow us to maintain constant fabrication parameters. Fully controlled production gives us the opportunity to modify the product to match the customer’s preferences – e.g. to increase the film’s tack.

Competitive prestretch films, produced on rewinders, are created in unstable technological conditions. Their quality depends on many factors – the ambient temperature, the type and quality class of the film used for rewinding, the skills of the operator and the efficiency of the machine. So many key factors can cause quality variation between batches, and can cause film breakage and wrapping problems.


What is the “Stop Effect“?  Ergonomics and easy wrapping of pallets with film

As we have already mentioned, the prestretch film is already stretched at the production stage. This means that the user uses the full stretch of the material, which does not require further tension during application. The stretching limit of the film is felt during wrapping and this is called the “stop effect“. Thanks to this, the application becomes easier, thus minimizing mistakes made during wrapping, which lead to tearing of the film.

All our films are fully recyclable, both in terms of material and other low-density polyethylene products, as well as chemical and energy recycling. The prestretch film is classified as an environmentally friendly film due to its efficiency, thickness and recipe composition – it can contain up to 30% of PIR post-production regranulate.

It is also worth paying attention to the ergonomic aspect related to the use of pre-stretch film. Thanks to the pre-stretching process at the production stage, the pre-stretch film is lighter and more flexible, which facilitates its application on pallets.

Pre-stretch film wrapping


Economic stretch? it’s a pre-stretched film.

One of the most important advantages of prestretch film is its economy. The process of stretching the film at the production stage makes it possible to achieve a longer film length with less material thickness. This means that one application of prestretch film on a pallet can be more economical than placing several layers of traditional stretch film. Thanks to this, you can save on wrapping costs, while ensuring high quality and protection of the load.

Prestretch film is also characterized by excellent load stabilization, i.e. the ability to maintain tension on pallets for a longer time. Thanks to this, the prestretch film does not shrink or loosen under the influence of time and weather conditions, which minimizes the risk of damage to the goods on the pallet and facilitates transport and storage. In addition, the prestretch film is resistant to abrasion, tearing and punctures, which additionally protects the goods against damage during transport and storage.

Another advantage of prestretch film is its use when packing goods with non-standard shapes. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to stretch, the prestretch film perfectly adheres to various shapes of the packaged goods, which allows for more precise and effective securing of the load.

Savings of pre-stretch

The use of Pre-stretch film represents a wrap saving of 60%.


Economical stretch film

A roll of prestretch film with a winding of 600 meters and a thickness of 7µm weighs 1.55 kg, for comparison – a standard hand film with a thickness of 12µm and a winding of 300m weighs 1.66kg.

Twice as large winding while maintaining a lower gross weight means savings for the user at the level of 40-60%.

Prestretch film is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, both for small and large enterprises. It can secure various types of pallets and goods, which makes it popular in many industries, such as logistics, warehousing, food, heavy, chemical and many more.


Prestretch is a film for conscious users

In short, prestretch film is an innovative solution that has many advantages. Thanks to its economy, stability, ability to adapt to non-standard shapes, environmental friendliness and ergonomic aspects, it is an increasingly preferred choice in many enterprises. Thanks to the use of prestretch film, it is possible to achieve effective, economical and ecological packaging, which contributes to the optimization of logistics and warehouse processes. It is worth paying attention to this modern solution and considering its implementation in your company to reduce palletizing costs by up to 50%.