Various applications of stretch film – we answer your questions

Stretch film is a flexible material that is increasingly used in various industries. Its properties make it ideal for securing goods during transport, but also for many other applications. In this article we will take a closer look at the possibilities of its use.

Use of stretch film in gardening

Stretch film can be used in gardening to protect a variety of objects and materials, including being used to oviiy garden tools such as rakes or spades to protect them from dirt or damage during transport or storage.

Stretch film can also be used to protect beds or other garden areas from dirt or damage during gardening. It will be perfect as a layer of thermal insulation for plants for winter. Any plant can easily be protected with a small stretch film called mini wrap.

Stretch films on a desk with tools

Mini rap film is often used in horticulture

Stretch film when renovating or moving house

Stretch film can be used to protect a variety of materials during construction work as well as tools, equipment and building materials. It protects them from contamination or damage during transport or storage. Often paint roller cartridges are wrapped in stretch film so that they do not dry out and can be reused after a few hours for painting. Stretch film can also be used to protect holes in walls or ceilings from dust and dirt when drilling. To help with construction work, we particularly recommend handheld stretch film.

Stretch film is also sometimes used to protect furniture, electronic equipment. Stretch film is moisture resistant, so it can be used to protect building materials against rain or other weather conditions.

It is also worth wrapping packed items for removal with stretch film. This will protect them from damage and ensure that during transport they have not been opened by anyone without our knowledge.

Two workers wrap parcels in stretch film

Stretch film wrapping helps to secure the load

Parcel wrapping film

Wrapping parcels with stretch film (a.k.a. flexible film) can be very beneficial as it helps to secure the contents of the parcel during transport and storage. Stretch film is stretchable and difficult to break, which increases the security of the parcel. It is worth using pre-stretched hand film, which is excellent for securing shipments. In addition, stretch film adheres perfectly to the shape of the items, which helps to better protect them from damage or slipping out of the packaging. In addition to this, stretch film can be used to pack all kinds of items, regardless of their shape or size.

Wrapping parcels with coloured stretch film can be useful if you want your parcels to look attractive or if you want to label them in a way that allows you to easily identify their contents. If you plan to send parcels abroad or store them for a long period of time, wrapping them in stretch film can also help to protect them from moisture and other external factors.

Luggage wrap – hit or miss?

It depends on what purpose you want to use the luggage for. Wrapping your luggage can be useful if you want to protect it from damage or dirt during transport. It can be particularly useful if you are planning to travel by plane or other forms of transport where your luggage is exposed to more shock and damage. Wrapping your luggage can also help to keep its contents tidy and organised. If you are planning to take your luggage with you on a trip, it is worth considering wrapping it to protect its contents. Often there are dedicated machine-wrappers with machine stretch film, standing at the airport to keep travellers’ luggage secure.

Foil-wrapped baggage at the airport

It is worth protecting your luggage with stretch film