Stretch film in e-commerce – how to secure small and medium-sized shipments?

Nowadays, e-commerce is one of the most important commercial sectors. With the growing popularity of online shopping, the number of shipments that need to be delivered to customers is also increasing. To minimize the risk of damage to products during transport, it is important to secure them properly, and one of the best ways to do this is by using stretch film.


Damage to the package in transit

Shipments are often transported by various carriers, during which they may be exposed to shocks, impacts and mechanical damage. Therefore, it is important to properly secure the cargo.


What to do when the courier delivered a damaged package?

Make a claim as soon as possible to the courier company that delivered the package. If you notice a damaged package in the presence of the courier, then ask him to make a report of loss. This will be the basic formal document that will facilitate the complaint procedure.

A woman packs a package for shipment.

Properly securing packages is key.

How to secure packages for shipping?

Stretch film wrapping is recommended for safe shipment of packages. This is a flexible material that effectively protects the cargo from damage during transport. The film adheres perfectly to the products, so it minimizes the risk of movement of goods and provides comprehensive protection.

The use of stretch film in e-commerce has many advantages. First of all, it protects products from damage, so customers receive goods in perfect condition. The film also minimizes the risk of theft, as it prevents access to the contents of the shipment without compromising security. In addition, the use of stretch film reduces transportation costs, as it makes more efficient use of space in cars and warehouses. When shipping packages whose contents must be masked, it is worth using colored stretch films.

To secure e-commerce shipments, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, the stretch film should be properly selected for the type and dimensions of the products being transported. It is also important that the material is properly stretched to ensure maximum protection of the goods. In addition, it is worth remembering to label the shipment so that customers know what products are inside and how they should be stored.

Hand films standard and mini rap on the board.

Hand film and Mini Rap are excellent choices for wrapping packages.

What kind of film for wrapping courier parcels

The film for wrapping parcels must be strong and sticky enough, and such are available in our offer. For wrapping smaller loads, a small hand film, the so-called Mini rap, will certainly work. For larger packages and cartons, it is worth betting on a very efficient and environmentally friendly pre-stretch film or a standard hand stretch film.

In conclusion, the use of stretch film in e-commerce is crucial to effectively protect shipments from damage during transport. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, this film effectively protects products and minimizes the risk of damage.