KUKA robot loading stretch film

Palletisation automation is an important part of our production process.

Stretch film – where to buy?

If you are looking for the highest quality stretch film, then our company should definitely be your choice. We are the largest film manufacturer in Europe with a developed machine park consisting of 7 technological lines. Our continuous development and innovative technologies are unparalleled by other manufacturers.

We always focus on quality and innovation. Thanks to this, our films are extremely stretchy, durable and easy to use. We offer many different types of stretch film that meet the expectations of our customers – we offer manual films, machine films and films intended for packers – in the so-called large rolls.

Our employees are always ready to answer any questions related to our products. We guarantee quality, innovation and excellent customer service. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you get the best products on the market. Please check our offer of stretch film.


Stretch film seen from the side

Each film thickness has its own application.

Why is the thickness of the stretch film important?

The right choice of stretch film is responsible for the load safety. Thicker films are used for heavy palletizing, while thin films are used to wrap light pallets. One of the recommended economic films is pre-stretch film. It is an ecological, thin and very efficient material (6-12 μm) that is perfect for securing loads of small tonnage and for intra-warehouse palletization. The choice of this product results in a reduction of wrapping costs up to 60%.

Incorrect choice of film is a risk of tearing or puncturing during transport. Material that is too thick generates unnecessary costs and makes the packaging and palletizing process more expensive. A common mistake in warehouse and transport logistics is the selection of film with parameters that are not adapted to the requirements of the load to be secured.

Sometimes a customer decides to buy films of 17 or 23 microns (because these are the standard thicknesses and they are the most popular) regardless of the fact that in the case of wrapped loads, a thinner film of our production would work just as well. This can reduce the expenses related to palletizing by up to several dozen percent, while still properly securing the pallets.

Our representatives will be happy to help you choose the right product specification that will meet both economic and practical expectations.

Jumbo stretch films - so-called large rolls

Stretch films during storage.


What stretch film is worth buying

There are several factors that are worth paying attention to when choosing the final product – it is worth choosing a film that is economical, effective and will meet the requirements of further transport or storage.

Stretch film thickness – It is worth choosing a film of appropriate thickness in relation to the type and size of the load as well as the conditions of transport and storage. Choosing the right film thickness can have a significant impact on reducing wrapping costs. Light loads do not require the use of stretch film with very demanding parameters, like in the case of concrete blocks or other heavy objects.

 Puncture resistance – the stretch film must be puncture resistant enough to protect the load. The angular shapes of the wrapped items will require more puncture resistance than the rounded edges of te load.

Stickiness – the right amount of glue on the stretch film ensures the desired adhesion to the load. Our High Cling refinement is dedicated to users who require enhanced adhesion, while the OSC refinement prevents pallets from sticking together in the event of tight storage.

Tear and strength – even thin films of our production are tear-resistant, ensure stabilization and safety of the load during transport and storage.

Stretchability: Appropriate stretchability will enable easy and effective wrapping of the load. Our films are available in various classes allowing stretching of the film from 120 to 400%.

Stretch film price: As the largest manufacturer of stretch film in Europe, we guarantee the best price and quality on the market.

Stretch film with apples

Foodsafe+ stretch film


What products is stretch film used for?

Stretchable stretch film is used to pack various types of products, including:

Pallet film – stretch film is often used for palletizing, ensuring proper stabilization and protection of the load against damage during transport and storage.

Non-standard loads – stretch film can be used to pack non-standard loads, such as uneven shapes or fragile items, to ensure their safety during transport.

Food wrapping – stretch film can be used for food packaging, providing protection against moisture, dust and other external factors that may affect the quality and durability of the product. Food wrapping film is also in our offer.

Films for the pharmaceutical industry – stretch film can be used to package pharmaceutical products to prevent them from being damaged during transport and storage.

Electronics wrapping  – stretch film is used to protect electronic products, ensuring their protection against mechanical damage, moisture and other external factors.

Wrapping furniture with stretch film – stretch film can be used to pack furniture, ensuring its protection against damage during transport and storage.

To conclude, stretch film is used to pack a variety of products, ensuring their protection and safety during transport and storage.

Coloured films are good

Coloured stretch films.

Masking the load with colored stretch film

The choice between colored stretch film and transparent film depends on individual preferences and load requirements. White stretch film better protects the load from light, which is especially important for products that are sensitive to UV rays. Transparent stretch film, if there are no UV refinements, then it may be less resistant to exposure to sunlight.

Black stretch film it will successfully hide the contents of the palette (like blue or white film). The films of our production are classified as covering films. We can ensure that our colored stretch films are the best on the market – we produce them on a dedicated M50 production line, which is responsible for the even distribution of colors and the same material strength as for transparent films.

Transparent stretch film allows for a visual inspection of the load without the need to unpack it, which makes it easier to identify the contents and quickly find the product you need.

Contrast with labeling: Black stretch film can be contrasted with the bright colors of the labeling on the load, which makes it easier to identify the products and ensures their safety during transport.

Each type of stretch film will be used, depending on the specific needs and requirements, and it is impossible to say which type of film is better.