Suistanable development of Efekt Plus

Sustainable development is one of the most important aspects in modern economy and management. It assumes the conscious use of resources in such a way that they are sufficient to build the prosperity of the present generation, but also to meet future needs. Limiting the use of non-renewable resources or eliminating hazardous, toxic or non-recyclable materials from processing contributes to sustainable development.

What is sustainable development is perfectly reflected in the activities conducted by our company. We optimize our products in terms of energy consumption in production and
logistics, as well as the materials used. We also use regranulation, and the automated
production and palletizing process significantly reduces the amount of waste.

We introduce products with high strength parameters, while reducing their thickness, which contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of plastics placed on the market and thus significantly reduces the amount of waste generated.

Efekt Plus, apart from maintaining high standards, conducts pro-ecological activities. The film produced by us is 100% recyclable, while the production waste generated in the company during production is recycled on site. We used heat energy recovery from production lines to heat rooms and water in the company. The confirmation of these activities is the ISO Environmental Management System Certificate: 14001

Stretch film recycling

Stretch film can be subject to material, chemical or energy recycling. Depending on the manufacturer’s preferences, the film can be ground or granulated.  During material recycling, the films can be processed with other LDPE films without affecting the quality of the final granulate. During chemical processing, it is possible to obtain substances used in the production of polymers or pyrolysis oil through the pyrolysis process. Energy recycling involves burning the material with energy recovery.

Disposal of stretch film – where to throw it away?

The stretch film is made of LDPE. We know very well that plastic takes a long time to decompose. Fortunately, it is involved in the recycling process. Stretch film, like PET bottles, is placed in a container for plastic waste (usually yellow). It is important that the discarded waste is not mixed with non-recyclable materials. If we cannot separate the film from other materials, then we put them in a mixed waste container.

Proper segregation of LDPE waste is particularly important for companies producing packaging. Failure to use the proper segregation has legal consequences, so you should submit your report to the BDO (Waste Database). 


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