In today’s dynamic world, effective packaging and protection of goods has become an indispensable part of many industries. Choosing the right packaging method is crucial for product safety, protection against damage during transport and the efficiency of the logistics process. One of the most popular and effective packaging methods is the use of stretch film. In this article, we will look at the advantages of stretch film over other packaging methods.

Infographic about the stretch film

Flexible stretch film

Stretch film is known for its flexibility, which allows it to optimally adapt to different shapes and sizes of goods. Unlike traditional packaging methods such as adhesive tapes or clip bundles, stretch film can be stretched and wound around an item, providing an extremely strong and stable protection

The cheapest film for load securing

Stretch film is cheap compared to other methods of securing loads, such as adhesive tapes, cardboard packaging or pallet baskets. The price of stretch film varies depending the thickness, enhancements and weight (roll), allowing the product and budget to be tailored to individual customer expectations. Stretch film is characterised by high material efficiency. Thanks to its stretchability and low thickness, the use of stretch film enables efficient use of material, which translates into cost savings. We particularly recommend pre-stretched film, which is very thin (6-12 microns) and efficient. 

Protection and safety of the pallet

Thanks to its strength and flexibility, stretch film effectively protects products from mechanical damage, shock, dust, moisture and other external factors. By providing stability and protection, stretch film minimises the risk of damage during transport and storage. Both hand film and machine film are available in various thicknesses and quality grades. 


High wrapping efficiency

Stretch film can be easily applied using special machines for wrapping or by hand. This flexible wrapping method saves time and labour, especially when packing multiple products of different shapes and sizes. In addition, stretch film is quick to apply, easy to use and requires no additional tools or materials. The film in small rolls is particularly recommended for securing smaller parcels. 


Load identification and film recycling

Another advantage of stretch film is its transparency, which allows easy identification and visual inspection of the contents of parcels without having to open them. This makes it easier to manage the warehouse, control stock and quickly locate the products needed. Food grade stretch film only comes in a transparent version, which allows for quick identification of the products being wrapped. Compared to some other packaging methods, such as disposable packaging or hard containers, stretch film is more environmentally friendly. It can be recycled, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact. 


Versatile wrapping film

Stretch film is a versatile and effective packaging method that offers many advantages over other methods. Its flexibility, protection from damage, higher packaging efficiency, transparency and sustainable packaging make it a popular choice in a variety of industries. It is therefore worth considering the use of stretch film as an effective method of packaging and securing goods.