Food film – stretch or aluminium?

Food stretch film is an excellent substitute for aluminium foil. What distinguishes it at first glance is its high stretchability and transparent material. There are, however, more differences: cling film is much cheaper than its aluminium counterpart, is easier to wrap and is much more puncture- and tear-resistant. It is safer than aluminium foil, as you will find out later in this article.


Aluminium food wrap versus food stretch film – which is cheaper?

The average cost of 12 µm thick, 30 cm wide aluminium foil weighing approx. 0.8kg (60 metres of winding) is approx. 8 euro. For the same price, we can buy an estimated 700 metres of food stretch film with similar material parameters. This is therefore a saving of over 600%.


Food stretch film – where to use it?

Food stretch film is suitable for use in catering establishments, restaurants, shops and households – it is often used to protect foodstuffs for storage in the refrigerator. LDPE food film is also used by meat processing companies and food manufacturers. It can be used for freezing. Our food films can also be used in cold stores and warehouses where temperatures are lower. Our product can be refined and offer much more than a standard food film.



Is food stretch film harmful?

No. LDPE food wrap is not harmful and is safe for humans. The material does not affect the wrapped load in any way, does not penetrate or cause chemical reactions, and insulates odours from inside as well as outside.


Which is safer – food grade stretch film or aluminium foil?

Aluminium foil contains BPA compounds and aluminium particles which can penetrate food and subsequently be absorbed by the body. Wrapping bread, sandwiches, tomatoes, citrus or pickled products is therefore not recommended. Above all, the use of aluminium foil at high temperatures is discouraged.

Food grade stretch film has no effect on the products being wrapped. It does not contain harmful compounds for human health. It is safe to wrap food products, which will be protected from drying out.



Transparent food films – why is it worth it?

Stretch food films guarantee that products remain fresh for a long time. Due to its high stretchability, the film can be used to wrap loads of large or irregular size and weight. The transparent material allows easy assessment of the condition of the wrapped product. Stretch film is also a material on which various types of media, such as food stickers, can be easily applied.


Stretch food film for catering and gastronomy – foodsafe+ is a customer-specific specification.

We offer our food films in manual, machine and jumbo versions. The films are also available in different thicknesses, roll widths and film weights. This allows you to match the final product to your preferences.

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