High quality class for stretch film

Standard+ class benefits of stretch film

Infographic on the Standard+ class

Standard + quality class is our author’s solution offering increased strength and tensile parameters in relation to the Standard class. It is characterized by increased puncture resistance and higher stretch. Standard+ is dedicated to aware users who value reduction of wrapping costs and waste. The thinner Standard+ class stretch film can successfully replace the thicker standard class equivalent.

Additional features of quality class Standard+

Quality class Standard+ – additional features

Stretch film for packaging in the Standard+ class

Standard+ Class is available for manual stretch film, machine film, and  film in large rolls,– i.e. Jumbo film.  What does the use of the Standard+ class give the user?

  • Wrapping costs reduction – thinner, higher grade stretch film means greater economy of wrapping costs. All the more so if the user expects the film to be stronger than the Standard version and the Power class offers too advanced tension in relation to the wrapped loads and the user’s strength.
  • Thickness reduction – thinner film means less waste to be disposed of. 15µm Standard+ manual film can fully replace 20µm Standard stretch film.
  • Easy to use – stretch films that are too thin may be difficult to wrap for some manual workers – pulling too hard may tear the wound film. The film in the Standard+ class is much more convenient to wrap than its thin standard equivalents.
  • High load stabilization – we conducted tests on two types of pallets. Both the 240 kg pallet (load dimensions 120x80x210) and the 550 kg pallet (110x130x100) had the same load stabilization as the thicker film in the Standard class. The load had sharp edges and was embedded in the outline of the pallet. The Standard+ film provided excellent stabilization with less weight of the film used to wrap the load.
  • High puncture resistance – class Standard+ recommended in particular for wrapping loads with sharp edges.