Increased environmental pollution and growing concerns about the problem of plastic make there an urgent need to find more sustainable solutions. In this context, post-consumer recycled (PCR) eco-friendly stretch film is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the packaging industry.

PCR Regranulates – A Second life for plastic

PCR regranulate is a type of plastic that is produced from recycled waste. Through recovery, materials are recycled and reused to make stretch film. This means that stretch film made from PCR regranulate not only reduces waste, but also uses secondary raw materials, a step towards a more sustainable economy. This is the role played by our proprietary Recowrap™.

Hand with pcr regranulate

PCR regranulate for the production of stretch film Recowrap™

Environmental protection

The use of PCR regranulate reduces the consumption of petrochemical feedstocks, which are an endless source of greenhouse gas emissions. This reduces the pressure on oil and natural gas extraction. PCR regranulate stretch films help to reduce plastic waste and reduce the environmental impact of plastic. It is available in manual, machine, jumbo film and Mini Rap. The production process of PCR regranulate is less energy intensive than the production of new plastic. This translates into lower CO2 emissions associated with the production of recycled stretch film.

Properties of Regranulated Organic Stretch Film PCR

Recowrap™ film is not only more environmentally friendly, but also retains its high quality, flexibility and durability. This means that it can still be used for safe and effective packaging of goods. Our eco-friendly stretch film is a significant step towards protecting our environment. By using secondary raw materials and reducing CO2 emissions, we are helping to reduce the negative impact of plastic on our planet. By choosing this form of packaging, we can actively participate in protecting our environment and contribute to a more sustainable future. Recowrap™ is not only a solution for palletisation – it is also a step towards responsible and ecological business and storage of goods.