Machine stretch film for pallet wrapping

Machine stretch film is particularly suitable for use with packaging machines – so-called mechanical wrappers. It is used to wrap and protect products from damage during transport and storage. Machine stretch films are very strong, just like manual stretch films, but their use allows products to be wrapped more quickly and efficiently. In addition, machine stretch films are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, allowing you to choose the right film for different types of products and transport requirements.

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Wrapping process on a mechanical wrapping machine

What is the specification of the machine film

The machine film of our production is available in standard, standard+ with increased strength, power, super power and ultra classes. The film is available in thicknesses from 8 to 35 microns. It is available in transparent and coloured versions – white, black and blue. The machine film can be refined. Depending on the grade and colour, the guaranteed stretch of the film varies from 120% to 370%.

Stretch film wrapping machines

There are two main types of stretch film wrappers: automatic and semi-automatic.Automatic stretch film wrappers automatically wind the stretch film around the product. This process is controlled by a computer, allowing for precise and fast wrapping. Automatic stretch film wrappers are often used in large factories and warehouses where fast and efficient packaging of products is required.

Semi-automatic stretch film wrappers are machines that require an operator, but allow faster and more efficient packaging than using manual film. The operator controls the winding of the film around the product and the machine automatically stretches and secures the film. Semi-automatic stretch film wrappers are often used in smaller plants and warehouses where full automation of the packaging process is not required.

Both types of stretch film wrappers save time and increase the efficiency of the product packaging process, making them increasingly popular in many industries.
Our machine film is dedicated to both automatic and semi-automatic wrappers.

Black (or coloured) machine film versus pallet masking

Coloured stretch film can mask products, especially when produced on a dedicated M50 line. Black stretch films are often used in the food industry, where products are wrapped in camouflage stretch film to keep the cargo fresh and prevent light and air from entering.

Black film can also be used to hide products from unwanted view, for example when transporting goods or storing them in a warehouse. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some products, such as foodstuffs, require access to air and light to maintain their properties and quality, so some products intended for consumption should be packaged in transparent film.